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La Vie en Rose

Piaf’s Note

This painting was inspired by a love note written in 1946, by Edith Piaf, the late french singer to her younger lover, Greek actor Dimitris ‘Takis’ Horn. It is not actually their love story that inspired me, but the content of that particular note.

Part of the note reads;:

“…I love you like I’ve never loved before. Taki, please don’t let my heart die..”

Now, that was the part that really captivated me. She wrote it so poetically that one can feel the passion in her heart. I really felt that passion; and that’s what made me put it in oil on canvas. La Vie en Rose is the title of one of the songs by the late singer; and I named the painting so.

According to the Greek Auction, the note was sold to a private collector in Athens for almost £1, 500. I think it worth even more.

And there we have it.


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