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Revisiting Pointillism

Revisiting Pointillism.

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Revisiting Pointillism

125 Year Old Technique

I walked into an exhibition on a Thursday evening in 2000; and there was this small painting of a girl carefully made in small coloured dots that looks clearer from a distance. It was beautiful and I instantly fell in love with the technique.

I decided to give it a try. The painting above is the product of that trial. I named the painting ‘Algaita’ (The Royal Trumpet). It’s one of the musical instruments played for people of royalty among the Hausa’s in Northern Nigeria.

In this technique, small distinct dots of pure colours are applied to compose the image. The viewer’s eye and mind blend the coloured patterns into normal tones thereby making the image clearer (clarity is best when looked at from a distance)

The technique was developed by Georges Seurat and Paul Signac in 1886.

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