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Every day, thousand of artworks are displayed worldwide and hundreds of art lovers patronise exhibitions and art galleries to collect them.

But how do we look at a painting and see something beyond just a picture. Bellow are few steps on how to understand and appreciate painting.

Painting; a product of inner reality.

There is need for every spectator to understand that art, like religion deals with inner reality; the artist expresses the inside of life and not the outside. Inner reality means what the artist wishes to exteriorize or present to the world.
Therefore, every work of art is a product of the artists’ thinking and he expresses it in a manner he so wishes.

Understanding inner reality throws light into understanding the concept of picture making. A quick grasp of inner reality depends on artistic intuition or a very long experience of looking at pictures, and many often than not, on both

Act of creation and understanding

There exists a great difference between the act of creation and the act of understanding or appreciation. The difference lies in the fact that, on one hand, the artist gives a totality of himself and his own interpretation of the world around him (inner meaning). The spectator on the other hand, only accepts the facets of this interpretation through the facet of the artists personality. This constitutes a meeting point between them.

Spectators are first attached to pictures because it stirs a certain feeling in them; maybe because of pleasurable association, or because the picture appeals to their imagination (intellect). This association between you and the artist constitutes the bases of art appreciation.

But how can you build the association further? This is done by observing the Pictorial Elements. We will be looking into that next week.


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Romantic Fiction; Now a pain in the ass for Women?


Remember the health warning slogan of smoking which says ‘Smokers are Liable to Die Young’; well, Psychologists in the UK think the same should be applied to M&B’s Romantic fiction. According to them, ‘Romantic fiction should also come with a health warning!’

Romantic fiction has established an enviable position in the world of writing today. Millions of dollars are generated from the sale of such books per year; which means the population of readers is rising worldwide. Well; this is something to be proud of as far as the writers of such books are concerned, because not only does this give them the encouragement to write, it also makes the stinking rich.

But the implication of such books exhibits its dreadful self on the part of the readers.

It’s true, readers of such books (Nigerian women inclusive) derive satisfactory entertainment as well as little bit of experience from the ‘lessons’ therein; but it’s also true that they get all psyched up with those experiences that it affects their lives negatively.

Romantic scenes fictionalize in the books turn most readers into day dreamers. Women (who make up the 90% bulk of readers) are the ones especially affected by this.

Most of the writers of such books are women, who through experience of the ‘womanhood’ know the exact manner and ‘feeling’ to dexterously demonstrate those scenes to the satisfaction of their folks thus, making it look and sound the way it should be or acceptable to readers.

For example, the fictionalized men in those books mostly have the ‘Macho’ features- tall, dark, muscular, handsome, rich, confident, talented and many others. When describing romantic scenes, they are experts in making it sound the way most women want to be treated; and so also the sex scenes.

The implication of the above is psychological.

Women get very disappointed in their men who don’t read those books and consequently, don’t treat them the ‘way they should’ be treated as gospled in those books.

Women don’t get their romantic and sexual fantasies satisfied by their men and it transforms the confidence they have on men to disappointment; hence, become mad that some go and seek satisfaction elsewhere.

Dr Susan Quillan, a UK based psychologist revealed that majority of women coming in for therapy in the past years have shown to be victims of romantic fiction particularly M&B’s.

Too much reading and believing in M&B’s romantic fiction have turned women into psychos, causing trouble for themselves, their men and bringing the trouble to psychologists like Susan to help them work out the issues.

Susan believes ‘it’s time to drop fantasy and pick up reality’ if women want to have a peaceful romantic lives with their men. It’s time to accept the imperfections of their men and try to see what they could do to make them a little more than what they are romantic

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